We’re passionate about people and nature living in harmony

Lovehayne is a unique 200 acre Farm in East Devon, England.

A centre of excellence emerges from a traditional farm. A project forged now, for the future, on a mission to educate and inspire.

Imagine a place where you create your own story. An adventure of discovery, learning and play, that takes you through time, place and nature; leaving you with a sense of awe and wonder with a desire to protect, enhance and harmonise with nature.

A living, working farm on the cutting edge of research and development, whilst bowing to the infinitely superior wisdom and complexity of nature.

With sustainability and regeneration at its core, Lovehayne will demonstrate that It’s possible for humans to reharmonise with nature and undo the damage we have already done.

Our Vision

To become a globally recognised center of excellence, committed to fostering sustainability, biodiversity, and regenerative farming, whilst leading with technological innovation and preserving our heritage. 

Energy & Sustainability

A world leading integrated system to generate and store energy and water whilst managing waste.

Biodiversity & regenerative farming

Nurturing and regenerating the environment whilst providing sustenance.

Forestry & Heritage

Protecting and extending woodland, uncovering and learning from the past whilst making it accessible.

Recreation & Entertainment

Visitor attractions accommodation and events.


Utilising software, hardware and Artificial intelligence to harmonise with nature.

Education & Community

Retreats, courses, experiences and events that realise our vision.